Wrist Watch and Pocket Watch Case Repair Services

Before and After Bulova Antique Watch Case Repair

Before and After Vintage Watch Case Repair

Many vintage pocket and wrist watches have been allocated to a bureau drawer or a family curio-cabinet based on pronounced case wear. Many years of extended and unwavering service, can cause a wristwatch case back and case lugs can crumble to a point where an other-wise fine timekeeper is no longer able to be safely worn and enjoyed. Should you be visiting this vintage watch case repair page you're most likely familiar with this narrative and have unsuccessfully worked to find a craftsman to conduct and complete these repairs. I'll be happy to work with you on the case repairs of your vintage timepiece, now and long into the future.

Laser Fuse Case Repair
Until recently and before the innovation of micro-laser gold fusing technology, such pocket and wristwatch case repairs, especially on gold plated and gold filled watch cases - were unimaginable due to the risky requisite of heating an entire bi-metallic case with a torch to attempt such watch case repairs. Cold solid-gold laser fusing is the long awaited technology which we are glad to offer as part of our guaranteed mechanical and vintage watch repair services.

In an continued effort to provide our valued customers the highest level and most thorough range of watch repair services available, we are thrilled to now offer state-of-the-art watch case repair, unmatched the world over. The Starweld Microwelder allows us the never before ability to make complicated and significant case repairs that before now were simply impossible.

Rogin Starweld Laser Welder:

This impressive technology allows for the - before impossible - repairs of watch cases. We are able to carefully match the color of our solid gold repair material to the case color of your vintage mechanical watch. Solid gold is laser cold welded and layered into the pitted, worn and broken areas of your case allowing for decades of durable use of your vintage timepiece.

The vintage wristwatch pictured below, was manufactured in the late 1930's and arrived in very damaged condition. It's case top and back were so damaged that no bracelet or strap could be attached to the case. It's internal movement, crystal and dial needed a full mechanical and cosmetic restoration. It's easy to see that it turned out very well. There isn't an aspect of the repair or restoration of these beautiful and practical instruments that we can't successfully complete. We very much look forward to pleasing you with our craft and dedicated customer service and earn your trust for many years to come.
Before and After Rhodium Antique Watch Case Repair
Rhodium Wristwatch Case Replating Services

You'll see that the exterior of this WWII era Elgin wrist wrist watch case has clearly worn after many years of faithful use. I offer an additional service that will see to the restoration of such cases that I'd like to detail. There isn't a long-term durable approach to replating any such watch case with a standard yellow gold color. The approach that some use to re-plate an item with a gold color - is an electro-chemical process that simply isn't durable enough for standard use. It'll look good for a few weeks and then it begins to look worn and quite ugly.

The most dependable approach to replating a base metal case (brass foundation) is a rhodium plating process. This process and the completed result is beautiful and very durable, yet it's final color would be similar to silver, white gold or platinum and not yellow gold in color. This process requires preparation, double copper plating and then a double rhodium plating. To restore your case to look new again would run around $200. This accounts for the extremely high price of rhodium ($1650 /oz.) and the need for it's case back to be restored in some occasions.

In short, this would be the proper option to restoring your case for long term safe use and beauty. Any vintage wrist watch that was originally yellow gold filled, white gold filled, chrome plated, or rose gold filled is a candidate for this beautiful transformation.

Contact me with photos and specifics and I'll be glad to pass along my impressions about your watch and it's unique needs and remedies. end of rhodium case replating text.

We specialize in the following type of watch case repairs:

Pocket watches:
Case tube installation, repair: $75 and up
Solid bow repair: $70 and up
Hinge repair, installation: $100 and up
Case hole repair: $75 and up
Case replating (rhodium): $200 and up

Wrist watches:
Case back hole repair: $75 and up
Case lug hole repair: $50 and up
Case lug replacement: $100 and up
Case replating (rhodium): $200 and up
Bezel repair: $50 and up

We offer case restoration services using the following grades and colors of gold:
24k yellow gold
22k yellow gold
18k yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, green gold
14k yellow gold, rose gold, white gold
Coin silver

Procedure, Process and Estimates:

Our antique wrist and pocket watch case repair services are extended as a supplimentary courtesy service of the overall restoration of your timepiece. It's common that such pocket or wrist watch case repairs require the removal of the watches movement as a safety precaution when proceeding with the repairs from inside the case. Any such handling and removal of it's movement or fractional disassembly of the watch for case repair services, necessitates that I commit to being fully responsible for it's performance and condition, inside and out. Additionally, wrist and pocket watches that have sat dormant for decades based on having case problems need to be serviced before put back into use. Every wrist and pocket watch is unique in it's needs and thus will be deserving of a various range of case repair. We painstakingly match the karat color of every pocket and wrist watch case and use only solid gold to make all case repairs on gold plated watches, gold filled watches and solid gold watches. Our procedure is tested, exacting and of the highest and most durable quality. Also, silver cased pocket watches and silver cased wrist watches are services that we gladly provide.

Cost estimates for case vintage wristwatch and pocket watch case repairs:

The expense of almost any item is typically determined by the amount of time, labor and raw material that is required to successfully complete a given repair. A safe estimation of a normal repair of a worn away case lug runs around $50 each. Naturally less if it's a minor repair, yet expect to pay more if the case lug is significantly deep and will require a large amount of gold to complete the repair. It's not uncommon that a pocket watch or wrist watch case in need of extraordinary restorative effort and material (solid gold) can inch up to $300. Turn around time for the successful completion of pocket watch and wrist watch case repair work - as part of an overall restoration is typically under 4 weeks.

I'd be happy to forward a close estimation of expected costs relating to the repair of your pocket or wrist watch case, please send me a close focus photograph (jpg). A clear and cropped photo and a detailing of deficiencies, will help me to forward a thoughtful estimate of feasibility, costs and turn around time. If you'd rather have me examine your watch case for possible laser-fuse repair as part of it's overall repair and servicing, I'd be very happy to forward along a very close estimate of it's needs based on this hands on examination. No wristwatch or pocket watch case repairs will be conducted without you understanding the costs, processes and grant your consent.

Again, every deficient wrist watch and pocket watch case has unique reparative requirements and I'm very glad to carefully communicate with you to unveil the feasibility and expense of my laser fuse watch case repair services.

How to proceed:

Please visit my Wrist Watch and Pocket Watch Service link and compare the known needs and characteristics of your watch to the list of services provided for a good idea of expected servicing costs. Contact me with the description of your watch, known repair history and any obvious abnormalities along with a photo (if at all possible) of the area of it's case that is in need of repair. I'll be very happy to forward my impressions along with an estimate of anticipated restoration costs.

Please abstain from shipping any timepiece without authorization. Upon our mutual acceptance of a given project, then please examine my Shipping Instructions link for an exhaustive look into the safe and exacting shipping process used to ship your vintage mechanical watch – and upon the completion of it's servicing - safely return it to you. Naturally, pass along any questions or comments about your vintage mechanical watch, I'll be happy to reply promptly.